16-year-old teen caught speeding on the highway doing 132mph.

Highway Danger


What causes someone to drive like a thrill-seeker? What would you do if your paths cross?

This sixteen year old was ticketed for speeding : 132 miles per hour in a 60mph zone (and there were three others going over 100mph that same day). Yes, he’s being fined more than one thousand dollars… but as the traffic safety expert in this video stated, a crash at those speeds “is not survivable.” This driver was not alone on an empty highway. What’s fatal for him would also be fatal for anyone who he crashes into.

Try to imagine this: You’re driving along. You look in your mirror and someone is coming up on you SO FAST. Do you swerve to get out of his way? Does he swerve? What if you both swerve since there’s no time to communicate?

Searching for dashcam video speeding posts online will provide proof enough of the answer to questions like these. Examples of each scenario are all too common. Some are close calls. Some are gruesome. Who will you meet on the road today?

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