heart-shaped headlight for Valentine's Day.

Celebrate Responsibly

Here are a few tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe this Valentine’s Day:

  • Drinking and driving - even one drink is too many before you get behind the wheel. Many people go out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner and have wine or a couple of cocktails. If you know, you’re going to be driving, take a moment and think about the consequences. You can always have that glass of champagne or wine when you get home.
  • Rideshare - if you’re going out and you want to have a cocktail or two with your significant other, plan on using a rideshare company. They are convenient and affordable. They are ideal for those times when you want to share a bottle of wine or champagne without worrying about driving. 
  • Social media - you’re out having fun with your sweetie, taking photos, and sharing them. Keep in mind that you don't always know who is looking at your social media. It isn’t a good idea to let people know you’re away from home and where you are. You shouldn’t post photos in real time. It’s always better to post pictures after you get home, or the next day.
  • Pets - we love our pets as much as any other family member. It’s essential to keep in mind that the foods and sweets that are good for us aren’t always good for them. Chocolate and candy can be very dangerous for pets. Always remember to put food, alcohol and especially chocolate away at the end of the night so that your pet doesn’t get a hold of them.

If you’re spending time this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, take a moment to plan so that everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

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