Taking a Driver Safety Course

A Driving Safety class is generally required to dismiss a traffic citation or for insurance discounts. The driving safety course is sometimes referred to as a Defensive Driving Class.

Ticket Dismissal

While anyone can take a driving safety course, there are specific legal requirements to using a driving safety class for ticket dismissal.

If you plan to use the course for ticket dismissal, you must first receive notice from the Texas court system that you are eligible to take a defensive driving course to dismiss the ticket. You will still be responsible for paying any fines and fees related to the ticket.

The best way to keep points off your driving record and prevent insurance rate increases, is to take an online defensive driving course to dismiss traffic tickets for moving violations.

Driver safety courses are six hours in length and the State provides ninety days from the date of plea in order to complete the course and provide the court clerk with a certificate of completion. Young drivers with a good driving record should consider taking the course, even if they have not received a moving violation, in order to reduce their insurance premiums. Most insurance companies provide up to a 10% discount for completing the course.

Defensive Driving Texas Requirements

The State of Texas allows a driver to take a defensive driving course to dismiss a traffic ticket under the following conditions:

1. Driver holds a valid Texas drivers license or learners permit.
2. Driver admits guilt or pleads no contest to the traffic violation and requests to take a defensive driving course for dismissal.
3. Driver has not previously taken a defensive driving course in the past twelve months.
4. If citation was for speeding, violation was not more than 25 MPH over the posted speed limit.

In most cases, simply contact the Court Clerk at the phone number listed on the back of the traffic ticket and ask if you can complete a defensive driving course to dismiss your citation. The court will provide ample time to complete a driver safety course. Though it’s tempting to put off until the last minute, it’s really as simple as enrolling and spending a few hours online to complete the course and receive your certificate.

Certificate of Completion

The Texas Education Code requires that the certificate of completion be mailed or sent electronically to you, which provides a record of the transaction. You should receive your certificate of completion within 14 days of completing the course.

Always keep the original certificate of completion and send copies to your insurance company or the court.