What Happens When You Receive a Traffic Ticket in Florida?

Florida has 67 counties and how you resolve your case depends on the rules for that specific county.

Traffic tickets are issued by law enforcement officers from various agencies (like FHP, the Sheriff's Office or city or town police departments) within a specific county, and the ticket is processed by the Clerk of Court in that same county.

Here's why the county matters:

Jurisdiction: Each county in Florida has its own jurisdiction and court system. Traffic citations are generally processed through the county's court system where the violation occurred.

Fines and Procedures: The fines and procedures for handling traffic tickets, including options like traffic school or contesting the citation, can vary slightly from one county to another. Different counties may have their own policies and deadlines.

Court Appearance: If you decide to contest the ticket or if you are required to appear in court for any reason, you would generally need to do so in the county where the ticket was issued.

Let's begin by selecting the Florida county where you received the ticket.
The county name should be printed at the top of your citation.