Traffic Citations Information

A civil traffic infraction is a non-criminal charge issued by a law enforcement officer in the form of a citation, or traffic ticket.

Your options for a Traffic Citation

Upon receipt of a traffic ticket for an infraction, you may request any of the options listed below by completing the Traffic Citation Option Form and returning it to the Charlotte Clerk of the Circuit Court:

  • Option 1: Plead guilty, accept points on your driver license and pay the ticket
  • Option 2: Pay the ticket and Elect Traffic School to withhold adjudication off your driving record
  • Option 3: Contest the ticket and request a court hearing

Option 1 - Pay the Ticket

If you choose to pay the ticket, points are assessed against your driver license.
Pay Online or in person.

Option 2 - Go To Traffic School

If you choose the school option, notify the Clerk of Court when you pay the ticket that you are making a traffic school election with the traffic citation election form plus an addition $7. You will be then given 60 days to submit a certificate of completion to show compliance in order to satisfy your case.

If the driver improvement course is timely completed and the completion certificate timely filed, no points will be assessed against your driver license and the fine may be reduced, depending on the type of violation.

Remember, you may only elect the traffic school option five (5) times in your life and the election can only be made once every twelve (12) months. Failure to timely complete the school course or timely submit your completion certificate or pay the fine will result in removal of the fee reduction, points being assessed, and suspension of your license and/or late fees being assessed.

Option 3 - Contesting Your Ticket

If you choose this option, our office will schedule you for a hearing before the county judge. The arraignment will be held at the Charlotte County Justice Center.

If you enter a plea of Not Guilty at the arraignment hearing you will be scheduled for a trial hearing at the Charlotte County Justice Center.

Charlotte County Clerk of Court Locations

Justice Center
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Murdock Administration Building
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Mac V. Horton West County Annex
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