Traffic Citations Information

A civil traffic infraction is a non-criminal violation which usually can be disposed of by payment of a civil penalty or election to attend a defensive driving course. A court appearance is not required, except in cases where the violation involves an accident with serious bodily injury, a fatality or certain other violations.

When you receive a non-criminal traffic citation you have three options to consider, however, after selecting one of the options, you cannot change your mind.

Your options for a Traffic Citation

In Collier County, you have 30 days from the date of issuance to elect one of the following:

  • Option 1: Plead guilty, accept points on your driver license and pay the ticket
  • Option 2: Pay the ticket and Elect Traffic School to withhold adjudication off your driving record
  • Option 3: Contest the ticket and request a court hearing

Option 1 - Pay the Ticket

By paying the Traffic Civil Penalty, you are admitting guilt and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) will assess points on your driving record for moving violations.
Pay Online, by mail, or in person.

Option 2 - Go To Traffic School

To elect this option fill out the Traffic Citation Option Form and pay the school election fee. You will have 60 days from the date traffic school is elected to complete the course and return the certificate to our office.

If you elect the Basic Driver Improvement Course option, adjudication is withheld and the DHSMV will not assess points against your driving record. A course certificate of completion form must be returned to the Clerk’s Office within the allotted timeframe to be accepted.

Remember, you may only elect the traffic school option five (5) times in your life and the election can only be made once every twelve (12) months. Failure to timely complete the school course or timely submit your completion certificate or pay the fine will result in removal of the fee reduction, points being assessed, and suspension of your license and/or late fees being assessed.

Option 3 - Contesting Your Ticket

When you request a court hearing, you give up your right to pay the civil penalty amount and to elect the driving school option.

The Judge may find you “not guilty” and dismiss your case, however, the Judge may also fine you up to $1,000.00, plus court costs, in some cases, and also order you to attend the Basic Driver Improvement Course.

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