Traffic Citations Information

Traffic violations are non-criminal, payable offenses that generally do not require a court appearance. The duties of the Traffic Division include informing the public of all the options available for disposition of their traffic citation, collecting fines, distributing the proceeds according to Florida Law, and maintaining accurate public records.

Failure to respond to your citation(s) by selecting one of the available options within 30 calendar days of the issue date of the citation(s) will result in the suspension of your driver’s license and will require the payment of additional fees. Please review the options available to you carefully.

Your options for a Traffic Citation

In Duval County, you have 30 days from the date of issuance to elect one of the following:

  • Option 1: Plead guilty, accept points on your driver license and pay the ticket
  • Option 2: Pay the ticket and Elect Traffic School to withhold adjudication off your driving record
  • Option 3: Contest the ticket and request a court hearing

Option 1 - Pay the Ticket

Payment of your citation is considered a conviction and points will be assessed to your driver’s license, if applicable. If you elect the option to pay the citation you will not be allowed to elect to attend Driver Improvement School at a later date.

Pay Online, by mail or in person.

Option 2 - Go To Traffic School

You must elect to attend Driver Improvement School at the time you pay the citation.

If you elect the Basic Driver Improvement Course option, adjudication is withheld and the DHSMV will not assess points against your driving record. A course certificate of completion must be returned to the Clerk’s Office within 60 days from the date of election.

Submit your certificate to the court in person, by mail to the address listed below, or email your certificate to

Remember, you may only elect the traffic school option five (5) times in your life and the election can only be made once every twelve (12) months. Failure to timely complete the school course or timely submit your completion certificate or pay the fine will result in removal of the fee reduction, points being assessed, and suspension of your license and/or late fees being assessed.

Option 3 - Contesting Your Ticket

If you choose to contest the ticket, you may schedule a court date to appear before a judge online, in person or by mail (please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope). Request for court dates MUST be received within 30 calendar days from the date the citation was issued or it will result in late fees being assessed and a possible suspension of driving privileges.

Court dates will not be made by telephone.

Duval County Clerk of Court
Mailing Address

Traffic Violations Bureau
PO Box 660
Jacksonville, FL 32201

Main Courthouse

501 West Adams St
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Neptune Beach Branch
Tradewinds Plaza
1543 Atlantic Blvd
Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Phone: 904-255-2300