How traffic school works - Simply Sign Up, Complete the Class, Get Your Certificate!

A Brief Overview of What To Do.

We strive to make it as easy as possible to take care of your traffic ticket.

Let's face it - getting a traffic ticket is no fun. You have a deadline to do something with your ticket.

In Florida, for example, you typically have 30 days to choose to:

  • (a) pay the ticket and get the points assessed on your license, or
  • (b) set up a court date to fight the ticket, or
  • (c) notify the court that you want to elect the traffic school option.

Please note that you will still need to pay a fee to the court for the traffic school option and if you have a commercial driver license (CDL) you are not able to elect the traffic school option, but it may be ordered by the court if you go before a judge or hearing officer.

After electing the traffic school option, you will be given a new deadline date to complete a basic driver improvement class or driver safety course and submit a certificate of completion. I is important to get this done on time or you risk getting your driver license suspended.

Simply register for a class, complete the course on your schedule and get your certificate - it's that easy!


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