Some traffic schools use cheap prices to get you in, then add hiddens fees that are not optional.

Unfortunately, not all traffic schools are equal.

Beware of hidden fees.

Imagine going to buy a new car. A dealer has advertised the car you're looking for and it's only $6,000! You arrive at the dealership ready to buy your new car and find out that with the hidden processing and paperwork fees this $6,000 purchase is now almost $40,000!

If that wasn't bad enough, this business also boasts about a high customer review rating using a seemingly fake website that actually has the word "trust" in its name!

Unfortunately, there are some businesses out there that may give the online driver education industry a poor reputation. We understand that you may already be upset having to resolve a traffic ticket, but now you have to deal with this as well?

Don't be misled by advertisements using a ridiculously low price only to have hidden fees added to it.